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As you navigate the Medicaid Portal to the Connect to MAPIR link and work on provider attestations, you may encounter error messages, missing links, MAPIR alerts, or general question on how to enter data correctly. The Vermont Medicaid PIP/EHRIP Team has updated our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Download and review the document of FAQs for help with common issues you may be experiencing:

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF 650 KB, 07/31/2019)

The FAQs address the following questions, but do not hesitate to reach us with any other issues you may be experiencing.

  • (CMS FAQ): What should I do if I am unable to login to the Registration System, or have forgotten my password?   
  • (CMS FAQ): A surrogate user (agent/office manager) is unable to select a provider for update in the Registration System, in spite of having an association with the provider in the I&A system.     
  • (CMS FAQ): How can I get guidance or assistance relating to the Registration System?            
  • Why did I get an email of “Notice of No Provider Activity - Vermont Medical Assistance Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program?” I started an application, but intend to work on applications in stages. Is there a time limit, other than the March 31 deadline to submit for the Program Year?
  • We are switching EHR systems and upgrading to 2015 Edition CEHRT later in 2019.  We’re not sure we will complete the process in time to report 90 days of meaningful use in Program Year 2019. What are the consequences of not attesting in 2019 or getting the 2015 Edition CEHRT upgrade in time? Can we attest again in Program Year 2020?  Plus, aren’t there differences between the Medicaid and Medicare Promoting Interoperability Program requirements?
  • I’m logged into the Vermont Medicaid Portal, but cannot find the “Connect to MAPIR” link.
  • A provider new to our organization is an Eligible Professional and has received Medicaid EHRIP payments at their former practice in Rhode Island in previous Program Years. When I go to start an application, I do not find the provider’s ID in MAPIR.
  • How can I get help with the CMS Registration and Attestation site?
  • Why can’t I see a provider’s ID in the drop-down list in MAPIR to select their provider ID and start an application?
  • When entering a provider's 90-day patient volume for their PY2018 application, I have selected "Calendar Year Preceding Payment Year." I am trying to use 1/1/2018 as the start date, but MAPIR won't let me. The error message indicates "The date you have specified is invalid." What am I doing wrong?
  • We are trying to attest for a provider, but we see in the CMS Registration and Attestation site that he is registered for Medicare, not Medicaid. The CMS R&A is not allowing me to switch the program affiliation to Medicaid. Can we do this?
  • We have a provider failing just one MU measure by less than 1%. Can this attestation be saved?
  • One of our Eligible Professionals left our employment and went to another practice in August 2018. The provider’s new practice has taken him on as an EP. Can we still submit a MAPIR application for him for Program Year 2018?
  • When we checked the status of one of our providers, she was required to report under the MIPS Quality Payment Program. Upon checking more recently, she was NOT required to report under MIPS. Could that have changed?
  • Are you able to determine if a provider coming to us from another state is eligible to receive a Medicaid EHR Incentive payment? We searched the CMS R&A site by name and NPI and could not find his record.
  • One of our providers is scheduled to receive his fifth Medicaid Promoting Interoperability/EHR Incentive Program payment. However, he has been out since June, so we will not attest for him for Program Year 2018. Can his year-six PIP/EHRIP payment be next year?
  • I have completed a provider’s attestation, and submitted it in MAPIR. But I then discovered an error in the data I entered. I can’t access the application to correct it. What should I do?
  • I am getting ready to attest and it looks like in order to update the CMS CEHRT ID, I have to log into the CMS registration and attestation website. Typically is this something  that needs to be done each year for each provider? 
  • A recent email notification reminded us we are in Program Year 2019 now. When it is time to report on 2019 requirements, will we still be using a 90-day reporting period?
  • Stage 3 of Meaningful Use will be required for Program Year 2019, right?

Snapshot of all CMS FAQs related to the PIP/EHRIP downloaded in October 2018:

Current CMS FAQs:…

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