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Help: EHR Incentive Program Questions and Assistance


(Updated 02/21/2019)


Snapshot of all archived CMS FAQs related to the PIP/EHRIP downloaded in October 2018:

Current CMS FAQs:…

Troubleshoot Common Access Issues and Error Messages

Are you getting an error message when logging into MAPIR, or are you experiencing a missing link? Our Logging into MAPIR: Issues and Suggestions page has step-by-step guidance on common system access issues.

Contact the Vermont Medicaid PIP/EHRIP Team

For questions and assistance with Vermont’s PIP/EHR Incentive Program and the MAPIR system, contact the VT Medicaid PIP/EHRIP Team at The PIP/EHRIP Team mailbox is monitored during regular business hours, and we endeavor to respond to all queries within 24 hours.

Vermont Information Technology Leaders

Vermont Information Technology Leaders, Inc. (VITL) is a nonprofit organization that advances health care reform efforts in Vermont through the use of health information technology, and is the legislatively designated operator of the Vermont Health Information Exchange (VHIE).  For assistance with Meaningful Use issues and Security Risk Assessment services, contact them for more information: VITL Contact Page.

CMS Registration and Attestation Helpdesk

Successfully attesting in the Vermont Medicaid MAPIR system depends on ensuring the information at the CMS Registration and Attestation site is correctly aligned with the provider’s information in the Medicaid system.

If you have new providers at your organization, or if the preparer role at your practice has transitioned to a new staff member, you will need to update that information with CMS systems in order to proceed with attesting on behalf of providers. CMS has updated its support for these issues, and has included the information in their updated Frequently Asked Questions.

  • What should I do if I am unable to login to the Registration System, or have forgotten my password?
  • A surrogate user (agent/office manager) is unable to select a provider for update in the Registration System, in spite of having an association with the provider in the I&A system.
  • How can I get guidance or assistance relating to the Registration System?

Review the FAQs to understand the steps to take to align provider and preparer information for PIP/EHRIP attestations, and contact CMS for assistance:

Contact the NLR Production Support Help Desk at Email:, Phone: 1-833-238-0203 (Toll free) Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Voicemail is available outside of regular operating hours.

For questions, contact the Vermont PIP/EHRIP Team at

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