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The MAPIR Collaborative

Download the latest MAPIR User Guides, and follow the steps to access MAPIR and apply for a VT Medicaid PIP/EHRIP payment here.

States Coming Together to Implement Medicaid EHRIPs *

In response to a call from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for states to work together and reduce costs in the implementation of their EHR Incentive Programs, a group of 13 states with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Services (HPE) as their common technology partner developed the Medical Assistance Provider Incentive Repository application.*  MAPIR is an IT tool designed to manage Medicaid EHR incentive payments and to improve accountability and program efficiencies while maximizing return to health-care providers, taxpayers and patients.

MAPIR relies on a provider portal, provider data, a financial system and encounter data sources to support the processing of incentive applications.  States can obtain MAPIR at no cost and run it on their own Medicaid Management Information Systems.

HPE and the MAPIR Collaborative were commended in early 2012 by the National Governors Association and awarded NGA’s 6th annual Public-Private Partnership Award. The 13 participating states are:

Colorado (joined in 2017)
Rhode Island

MAPIR’s development is ongoing, with periodic refinements agreed upon by a formal governance structure made up of representatives from each state and HP. As the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program continues to evolve, the MAPIR system will continue to integrate Federal guidelines and requirements to meet state needs.

*  Material for this page was provided from the online magazine Government Technology (  Read the whole article here.

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