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Act 53: Vermont's Consent to Share Health Data Policy

Vermont Health Information Exchange March 2020 Transition to “Opt-Out”

The Vermont Health Information Exchange, operated by Vermont Information Technology Leaders (VITL), aggregates patient health records from practices and hospitals across Vermont. In March 2020, the Vermont Health Information Exchange will become an “opt-out” system – each Vermonter’s health record will be viewable by their treating providers unless the patient has actively opted-out. Health information will remain in the system. Patients who choose to opt-out are opting out of their treating providers viewing their health records in the Health Information Exchange.

The Department of Vermont Health Access (DVHA) and VITL hope that health care organizations will play an essential role in informing patients, by providing educational materials about how patient information is shared and options for limiting access. Check our website periodically for more information about what’s changing and how to participate.

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