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Vermont Health Information Exchange Consent Policy Communications Toolkit

Thank you for your interest in helping inform Vermonters about the Vermont Health Information Exchange and everybody’s option to participate or opt out.

How can you help?

You can help by sharing any of the following materials with your patients/clients/members. Here are a few thoughts about how to use the materials. Most importantly: please tell us what you’ve shared and send feedback.

  • Share as much as you like: one tactic or all of them, it’s up to you.
  • Share when it works for your organization: Pepper these into your regularly planned communications as and when it works for your organization. There is no set schedule, and these can be used in any order.
  • Share now AND later: the new consent policy takes effect March 1, 2020. We want to be sure Vermonters are well informed of their options before that date but also recognize that building awareness and understanding of the Vermont Health Information Exchange is a long-term project. Which is to say, we appreciate your sharing materials now AND later.
  • Tell us what you shared: When you do share these materials, we’d love to know! Please send us a quick email (screenshot a social post, forward us a newsletter, etc.) Without a traditional media buy, we will only know who we are reaching if you tell us. Reach us at
  • Send feedback: your own and your organization’s and especially what you hear from your patients/clients/members. We are building this public information campaign iteratively and feedback will make future tactics better. Send feedback to