Vermont Medicaid EHRIP Application Process

Updated MAPIR User Guides for Eligible Professionals are now available for all Program Year 2017 attestations.

Download them here.

MAPIR: The Web-Based Application Tool for Vermont Medicaid Payments

Vermont is one of 14 states using the Medical Assistance Provider Incentive Repository (MAPIR) System to manage Medicaid EHRIP applications. MAPIR (pronounced "mapper") is the state-level information system that tracks information regarding registration, attestation and EHRIP payments. Eligible Professionals and Eligible Hospitals participating in the EHR program will use MAPIR to submit their initial applications and annual attestations. MAPIR is accessed the Provider Portal on the Vermont Medicaid website.

Before You Begin

There are several tasks to complete prior to applying for state Medicaid EHR Incentive payments using MAPIR.

  • Complete your CMS Medicare & Medicaid EHR Incentive Program Registration and Attestation System (R&A) registration. Retain a copy of your R&A Registration ID.
  • Identify one individual from your organization who will be responsible for completing the MAPIR application and attestation information. This person can also serve as a contact point for state Medicaid communications.
  • Consult the MAPIR User Guide to gather the necessary information in order to facilitate the completion of the application and attestation processes.

Update your CMS R&A Registration

Ensure the provider's Payee NPI and Payee TIN are accurate and consistent with the information on file in the Vermont Medicaid system. This can be the source of error notifications, and prevent the ability to proceed with an application in MAPIR.

Access the CMS Registration and Attestation (R&A) System here:

MAPIR User Guides

Before proceeding with an application in MAPIR, download and review the helpful User Guides. As you step through the screens in the MAPIR system, the User Guide provides additional explanation, illustrated hints, navigation tips,  and documentation forms. Reviewing the User Guide will help you organize the reports and data needed for attestation. Assembling this information ahead of time will maximize your productivity when you are logged into the MAPIR system.

The MAPIR 6.04 User Guides for Eligible Professionals are separated into four files:

Part 1 - Getting Started, Confirm R&A and Contact Info, Eligibility, Patient Volumes  (PDF 2.8 MB; Updated 1/05/18)

Part 2C (PY2017) - Attestation Phase, MU General Requirements, MU Objectives, CQMs  (PDF 2.6 MB; Updated 1/05/18)

Part 3 - Review; Questionnaire; File Uploads; Required Documentation; Submission; Status information; Adjustments  (PDF 1.25 MB; Updated 1/05/18)

Part 4 - Additional User Information, Appendices (PDF 540 KB; Updated 1/05/18)

Logging into MAPIR

MAPIR is accessed through the Vermont Medicaid provider secure web portal:

Providers must be properly identified in the Vermont Medicaid system. In addition, there must be a relationship between:

  • The preparer (the person attesting on behalf of the provider);
  • The login User ID for the Medicaid Provider Portal, and;
  • The providers' information within the Medicaid system.

Aligning this information is necessary in order to proceed in MAPIR. Some providers and preparers have experienced common issues in accessing the MAPIR system as a result of issues with provider information alignment.

A troubleshooting guide and contact information for solving for these common MAPIR access issues is available here:

Contact the EHRIP Team for Additional Assistance

For assistance with Vermont’s EHR Incentive Program and the MAPIR system, email us at, and a member of the Vermont EHRIP Team will respond as quickly as possible during business hours.

For questions, contact the Vermont EHRIP Team at

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