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Program Support/Technical Assistance

Providers participating in MDAAP will receive assistance through a full complement of Program Support and Technical Assistance services, all designed to help participants achieve program milestones. Depending on the program track selected, providers may receive any combination of the following services. 

  • Assistance in completing the Participation Agreement, Scope of Services Agreement, and any other required program documentation  

  • Education about MDAAP and answers to individual questions about program eligibility, benefits, and documentation requirements 

  • Assistance in completion of provider and practice Needs Assessment, which is designed to help match a provider/organization to an appropriate vendor and to assess the overall readiness of the provider/organization for new system implementation 

  • A Security Risk Analysis (SRA) template along with guidance and answers to questions about completing an SRA 

  • Providing a rolodex of EHR vendors and HIT solutions capable of meeting program requirements, and assisting in vendor selection evaluation and contracting 

  • EHR implementation assistance in the form of best practice guidelines and tools used to facilitate implementation tasks 

  • Technical assistance and project management assistance in connecting, testing, and validating interfaces with VITL 

  • Assistance in answering any questions about VITL’s Participation Agreement 

  • Educational resources for training and usage of VITLAccess and other VITL applications 

  • Assisting with preparing and submitting required attestation documentation and providing guidance on materials that should be saved for potential audit 

  • Office hours availability for individualized assistance from the program support team  

  • Other forms of individualized assistance, as necessary, depending on participating provider needs