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MU3 Public Health Objective Reporting in PY2020

MU Stage 3 Public Health/Clinical Data Regsistry Reporting Objective

  • All EPs attesting for Program Year 2020 must report on a minimum of two Public Health Objective Measure Options, but may need to select more than two options if they are taking Exclusions.
  • Providers may use a combination of Active Engagement reporting and measure Exclusions to pass the Public Health Objective.
  • It is possible to exclude from all the reporting options and still pass the Objective, but DOCUMENTATION MUST BE SUBMITTED as required.
  • The number of measures for the Objective has increased from three to five under Meaningful Use Stage 3 criteria.

The following grid provides the Registry Reporting descriptions and summarizes how Vermont and New Hampshire EPs must consider their reporting options:


Documentation Aids for VT and NH EPs

For detailed guidance and Documentation Aids for each Public Health/CDR Registry Reporting Option, select one:

Vermont Eligible Professionals

New Hampshire Eligible Professionals

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