Pop health vendors grappling with different needs of providers, says KLAS

03 January 2017

By Mike Miliard

A new report from KLAS finds that no single no pop health platform vendor has the right array of capabilities to meet the needs for all types of health system customers.

While Cerner and IBM Watson Health are able to cater to both program administrators and care managers, for instance, and Allscripts and Philips Wellcentive enable workflow improvements for care managers and EMR-using clinicians, there's still not one company is able to meet the diverse and complex needs of everyone, according to the report.

"The world of population health is so vast that there is no one vendor that does it all for providers," said KLAS Research Director Bradley Hunter. "Depending on the needs of the provider, there are various solutions."

The Population Health Management 2016 report also cited Enli and i2i Population Health as two companies whose products are able to simplify aggregation for providers with just a few EMR feeds. Moreover, KLAS said Valence Health can handle more feeds but does require more effort to do so.

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